Friday F.O.M.O. 4/19/19 – Roam

The end of the week is upon us and thus it is a good time to discuss my Friday F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing Out). I will be looking at a game that ends on Kickstarter within the next 7 days that has me “scared” to let it slip past my credit card-entering fingers.

(Note: many of these Friday features will indeed slip by unpurchased, but even so they will remain on my radar once they are released as I would love to give these games a try)

Today, the game that has garnered a twinkle in my eye is the newest Ryan Laukat entry, Roam.

First off, I must admit that I am not a seasoned veteran of Laukat’s games. I haven’t traveled Above & Below nor have I been Near & Far. My only playing experience is with my nephew’s copy of Megaland. One thing I do know is that I enjoy Laukat’s artwork.

Beyond the artwork, though, let me share what has me intrigued about this game:

The puzzly gameplay. I watched Rahdo’s Rundown of this game and I like the decision-making that comes with this game. There are 36 squares on the board (which resets in pieces over time) and a player has to decide how do I use my character’s searching abilities to best earn coins and also gain area-control of locations. The timing of using your cards and their abilities…then choosing the right moment to reset…reminds me of Century: Golem Edition, which is currently one of my Top 10 games.

Tableau-building. This is another mechanism I love to see in games. By adding items or new people to my tableau, my abilities will increase.

Quick turns. Don’t get me wrong, I can really get into and enjoy a complex game with lengthy turns and weighty decisions. That said, a game with quick turns back-and-forth are great for keeping all players focused and engaged.

Game length. This game is quoted at between 30-45 minutes which is a perfect time slot for me to see a game hit the table often.

The artwork. Have I mentioned that yet? I’ll take a fun game that’s pretty over a fun game that’s not.

Biggest question to ask, though, when considering that haunting F.O.M.O. — what will I miss out on if I don’t back this game now?

In the case of Roam, there are no stretch goals, so near fear there. There is one item that could be a miss without backing, though — the Animals promo pack. This promo pack includes 5 additional cards that will most likely not be available with the retail edition and could be hard to obtain at a later date.

In terms of gameplay, these do not appear to add much to the game overall, except added variety and thus replayability.

What are your thoughts on Roam? Is there another Kickstarter game wrapping up soon that you have a greater F.O.M.O on? Feel free to comment below and have a great weekend.

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