Friday F.O.M.O. 4/26/19 – Ocean Crisis

Once again, Friday is here and time to look at a Kickstarter game of which I have a Fear of Missing Out. Looking at campaigns that will be ending within the next week, there are a few intriguing games out there, but the one that stands out to me personally is Ocean Crisis, from Shepherd Kit, Inc.

Ocean Crisis is a cooperative game intended for 2-5 players, with an expected game length of 30-60 minutes. It also features a solo mode and can actually be extended to play up to 10 players in total. The suggested age to play is 8+, but could probably go a few years younger with some basic help reading cards and rules.

The game play consists of 6 rounds in which the team of players will be performing various ecological defense actions (worker placement) to clean up trash and keep Garbage Island from filling up with trash.

Obviously, one of the positives of this game is the chance, with kids and students, to teach / discuss ecological issues and the simple tasks that we as individuals can partake in to help the environment. On top of that is what looks like a fun, compelling game that introduces players to gaming mechanisms: worker placement, route building, dice-roll mitigation, and power cards — along with thinking and planning ahead for upcoming events that will create issues for the team.

Beyond the base game, which looks great on its own, Ocean Crisis will include 3 missions and 3 scenarios as well. The missions appear to be small side quests that can be added to a game, while the scenarios will provide a new storyline and altered win conditions. As relevant, these extras come with their own tokens and Meeples — you are going to want that Dolphin Meeple!

Beyond all that, the campaign includes a backer level to also acquire the Catastrophe expansion, which includes two extra missions and two extra scenarios of a catastrophic nature –> in my head that means harder!

From what I have seen of this campaign so far, I am also impressed by the component materials. The dice look nice, the tokens appear to be quality and those Meeples are colorful and cute! With the cute art, the components, the interesting cooperative gameplay, and positive theme…this looks like an outstanding family game to add to a collection.

My fingers are definitely itching on this one…

Note: as of typing this post, the campaign just unlocked another mission — the Octopus Challenge!

For a look at how the game is played, I suggest this video by SoloMode Games.

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