Friday F.O.M.O. 5/3/19 – Gulp!

Eat your way to victory in this ocean-themed strategy game for 2 players. That’s the campaign tag line for Gulp! — a fishy tile game that ends on Kickstarter in just under a week by Good Nature Games.

There were a couple other titles ending in the next week that raised a flag of interest, but Gulp! is the one I am eyeing for the highest potential time on the table at my house.

If you want to know all the details of the game and the campaign, go ahead and click the link to check it out for yourself. I want to focus on the elements that have piqued my interest:

Artwork — I’m not really a ‘fish’ fan, but I like the artwork on these tiles. Less than realistic (because come on…fish are ugly) but more than just cartoon art.

Age range — The Game is quoted at 7+ and that sounds right from looking at how the game is played. I could see my 7-year old picking up on this quick and really enjoying moving his fish around to eat other fish (especially mine).

Game length — 15-30 minutes is a perfect time length for a game with elementary age kids. Long enough to feel meaningful, but not so long as to start losing attention.

The game play — I enjoy the idea that you create a 7×7 grid at the beginning of the game which will slowly dissolve into a handful of stacks at the end of the game, only the strongest fish shall survive!

Simplicity with strategy — Of all that, what has me most interested in Gulp! is that the game looks simple [following the rules, move a fish to eat something next to it, take out your opponents fish and keep yours alive], while also appearing to have strategy that may take several plays to really lockdown [when to have your parrotfish take out a coral tile, so that the shark can make its move; when to move a flying fish maximizing its space skipping ability; which fish do I make sure to keep alive and which ones are expendable].

Gulp! is already funded and at an $18 price point (including U.S. shipping), I think the value is there for much fish-feeding-frenzy frollicking in one’s future.

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