WIN – Prince John vs. Maleficent

If you have been following my blog posts, one thing you may have learned is that my top board gaming rival is my 14-year old son. The competition is fierce between us — and the struggle became quite intense on March 31st when playing Disney Villainous.

It was a 4-player game including Prince John (myself), Jafar (my nephew), Captain Hook (my daughter), and Maleficent (the villainous teenager). Villainous is an asymmetric player powers game and the two younger players were struggling in their first play to figure out a good strategy. That left the battle to be fought between a powerful witch and a greedy lion.

Maleficent’s goal is to get a full set of curses out. She took a quick lead and it became apparent that she was on track to win this villainous affair quickly. Prince John, though a coward, is not dumb and he planted little whispers in the ears of Jafar and Hook to make sure that some Heroes got in the green lady’s way. Meanwhile…Prince John kept accumulating his stack of gold — with 20 pieces, he would be the victor.

picture courtesy @TheOneTAR on Twitter

Maleficent saw what was happening and did her best to rouse sentiment against the poor cat. And thus, the battle wages round-after-round, gold being hoarded and pilfered, curses being cast and then blocked.

In the end, Prince John proved to not just have a love for gold, but to also possess a silver tongue. He was able to convince the other floundering villains to stop Maleficent one more time and in doing so, Maleficent was unable to keep the Prince from completing his collection of coins. Victory had come to Nottingham!!

:: Every town has its ups and downs, sometimes the ups…outnumber the downs…but not in Nottingham :: (unless you’re the evil Prince!)

There is still bitterness when the tale of this battle comes up in passing. Whenever Villainous comes to the table again, you can bet that there will be one astringent teenager ready to beat down whatever villain his father is sponsoring.

Until then, I’m having fun counting my coins 😉

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