Friday F.O.M.O. 5/31/19 – Bites

The F.O.M.O. is high this week in Kickstarter-Land. While there aren’t any major games that are on my interest list, there are several smaller-dollar titles that look very fun and interesting. Picking just one this week to spotlight was difficult.

In the end, I landed on Bites, a 20 minute, interactive board game by Chad DeShon.

The basic concept of Bites: there are five ants (red, green, purple, yellow, and orange) and five different picnic foods matching those colors. There will be a trail of food that leads from the start (where the ants are) to the end, the ant hill. On a turn, a player picks any ant and moves it forward to the next piece of food of its matching color and then takes the food either in front of the ant or behind it. This will continue until all ants make it to the ant hill. The order in which they arrive will determine food value — entry-level commodity speculation! Ideally, spend your turns collecting food that will be associated with the ant who ends up on the highest level of the ant hill.

The strategy involved in these simple game mechanics has me highly intrigued. I can already imagine the gears working in players’ heads as ants get close to the hill and everyone starts jockeying to make sure “their” ant gets there last. I’m visualizing myself thinking “let’s do that again!” as soon as scores are tallied after the first play of a night.

Beyond that, though, the Kickstarter campaign highlights some cards that will be included in the game which will increase the variety and replayability of this “bite-sized romp.”

4 special card groups will come with the game: a) Ant hill cards, which will determine the order ants fill the hill; b) Special rule cards, which will add new twists to the game; c) Wine cards, with different scoring on each card; and d) Chocolate cards which can provide variable player powers.

The quality of components looks great for Bites as well. The food tokens are double-layered tokens which not only look great, but I imagine will feel great to handle. Also, the ant hill will look great on the table and looks like it has been designed for easy setup, take-down, and storage. Always appreciated!

I’m going to be watching this one closely over the coming days — I’d sure hate to miss out on such a fun, gaming opportunity.

How about you? What’s your current F.O.M.O. title?

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