Friday F.O.M.O. 6/7/19 – Tussie Mussie

Beautiful artwork. Simple Design. Intriguing Gameplay. Those are the headline statements of my F.O.M.O pick of the week — looking at Kickstarter campaigns that are ending in the next 7 days.

The game is the next in Button Shy’s collection, Tussie Mussie — designed by Elizabeth Hargrave (of Wingspan fame).

While I have liked some of these small card games (Sprawlopolis being my favorite), I tend to be interested in bigger games that hit the 30-90 minute range. That said, the I Cut / You Choose mechanism of Tussie Mussie creates an interesting dynamic amongst players that sounds like fun.

I draw two cards and will give both to the next player, who will choose one of the cards to keep — the other comes back to me. Of the two cards, one will be face up and the other face down. So, do I show you the bad card, making you blind-guess for a better card, or do I show you a good card, making you think I’m hiding something even better — or am I bluffing…

“so I can clearly not choose the one in front of me…”

Each round in this game will be quick as everyone will acquire 4 cards and then score. Each flower card has point and combo possibilities, so the key will be building an efficient engine in just a few short turns — this engine has to also consider that cards wind up in one of two rows (bouquet or keepsakes) — well-planned card placement can boost your combo scoring. After 3 rounds, the player with the most points wins.

Simple, fast, but crunchy with some bluffing and mind-games as well. The campaign will also include a solo expansion, making Tussie Mussie a 1-4 player option. For a $10 price tag, this is a very tempting title!!

Note: my suggestion — if you are going to back Tussie Mussie, pay an extra $10 for the pledge option that includes Sprawlopolis (assuming you don’t already have it).

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