WHAT IF – Aeon’s Tornado

Three mages and myself had come together for the first time. We had varying levels of experience in battles such as this, but we weren’t afraid…well, not initially.

But it didn’t matter — someone had to fight the Carapace Queen — to protect Gravehold from her evil. We fumbled around, like amateurs, at first. The Queen took advantage, sending out one of her top minions and countless husks to overwhelm us.

Much early damage was taken, but we mages finally were able to stop the bleeding and start fighting back. The odds weren’t looking too good, though. Gravehold had been weakened, we were injured…but our Magic was growing. We were starting to figure this Queen out and handle her attacks as they came. But could we defeat her in time to save the city and ourselves?

Gravehold bookies were probably only giving us a 25% chance to succeed. Perfect! Low enough to be under-dogs, but high enough to give us hope…to make this battle all-the-more-exciting! You may think you have won Ms. Armor Shell, but you’re going to have to prove it. Let’s go!!! Breach Mages Attack!

But then…something even more ominous happened — as if it came from a different world.

What was that noise?


And the story fades, no longer powerful Breach Mages in sight, but several humans — who all turn their eyes to a box…a magical box with a man pointing at colors on a map. He is telling people to find shelter, to get prepared…something bad is coming and it is close.

A tornado.

The humans leave the Mages behind — the Carapace Queen is forgotten as families, not from Gravehold, but of Moore, Oklahoma [The Home of Tornadoes] become the focal point of concern and protection. The storm was coming.

Good news: These humans and their families were okay — surviving the storm, in which the dreaded tornado weakened and lifted before causing harm in this area.

Bad news: We may never know what happened to the citizens of Gravehold. Would the queen slaughter them all in her reign of terror? Or would the Breach Mages and their spells grow strong enough to ensure that peace could win out once more? The picture is frozen in time.


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