Top 10 Take That Games

It’s Top 10 Thursday and this week, I’m taking a look at the controversial game mechanism –> Take That!

Now, I’m not as opposed to Take That as some gamers may be, but it is also not my favorite mechanism. That said, there are some games that utilize this action successfully and today I’d like to highlight 10 games from my bag that make Take That enjoyable.

#10 – Munchkin

At the end of the game, when one player is about to reach Level 10 and win, this is when everyone gets in Take That mode and starts piling on. Now, unfortunately, this creates the problem that the next player to go for the win generally has a much easier time of it. That being said, it is fun to see the group try to come together to stop the lead player from snatching victory.

#9 – Unfair

Just the name of this game practically demands some Take That, doesn’t it? In reality, there is not a lot of negative interactions in the game, but on occasions, you can play a card that takes an important ability from an opponent — or shuts down one of their key attractions. Is it mean? Is it unfair? Uh…yeah — that’s the name of the game.

#8 – Smash Up

I will admit that Smash Up can be one of those frustrating-type of Take That games. I’m in position to finish and score a particular base, but then you move one of my cards to another location. Ugh!! But at the same time, it feels pretty good to do that to someone else.

#7 – Baseball Highlights: 2045

In Baseball Highlights, the Take That elements of the game feel like a natural part of the baseball setting that is incorporated — picking off a runner or robbing a home run at the wall. These are just natural defensive plays and thus they come across as well-timed maneuvers and not mean “in your face” kind of actions.

#6 – Villainous

The whole point of the game is to see which villain can achieve their personal goal first, becoming the Master of the villains. Of course you are going to occasionally throw some bad mojo in the direction of your nefarious counterparts. What makes this part of the game so enjoyable is the Take That comes in the form of heroes! You can send Peter Pan to thwart Captain Hook or the three fairies to get rid of Maleficent’s curses. It is a brilliant thematic design element in a fun and artistic game.

#5 – Sorry!

Old school Take That! Whether it is switching places with another player, viciously sliding into their pawn to send them back home, or revealing the epic Sorry! card….I love that the game gives you the excuse to put on your poutiest face, pucker up those lips, and do your best to say “Sorry” as you toss your opponent out of the way. A simple game, but so fun — and of course, the game comes with a healthy side of “what goes around…”

#4 – My Little Scythe

My Little Scythe is a very fun, family game and it is mostly about achieving your own objectives and taking the right actions at the most appropriate time. But there are two important words that help make this game both hilarious and exciting — Pie Fights!

The hurt of getting a ton of pies thrown at you is lessened, though, because you know your opponent will suffer the Friendship Consequences of their naughty action.

#3 – Evolution

The amount of Take That which will occur in your play of this game may vary — but if you’re like me…you might just enjoy getting a carnivore on your team and going to town each round trying to munch on your opponent’s pathetic and paltry dinos. Eat up!!

#2 – Survive – Escape from Atlantis!

Survive is one of those games where you have to get into the right headspace before you start the game. Bad things are going to happen to you…maybe even mean things — but that’s okay, because that’s the Fun of Survive and you know you will be doing your best to send out the scandalously salty water serpents towards the misfit meeples of opposing colors.

#1 – Fairytale Gloom

Now, you could put any Gloom into this category, but I specifically love the stories that come along with the Fairytale version of this game. What makes Take That so much fun in Gloom is that you are not just playing a mean card on your opponent — ruining their plans — but you get to then tell the story that goes along with the action. And because Gloom is all about characters living horrible lives, it is ironic and fun to know that you are giving the ol’ Take That punch to your rival by sending their character’s story into a tale of Happiness, Great Luck, Good Health, and Loving Relationships. Ha!

What are your favorite Take That games? Feel free to share and continue the discussion.

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