Friday F.O.M.O. 6/21/19 – The Few and Cursed

You bettah grab some water and your bullets, amigo, because today’s Friday F.O.M.O. is all about The Few and Cursed.

In six days, Rock Manor Games’ Kickstarter campaign for The Few and Cursed: A Curse Chasing Adventure will be ending — and the more I have looked into this one, I have found plenty about the game I don’t want to miss out on.

Last year, I backed Set a Watch from Mike Gnade and Rock Manor Games. It is getting close to fulfillment, so I can’t wait to get that one to the table in hopes of beating back some ugly monsters.

The Few and Cursed has its own set of ugly monsters and bad guys as well. This game is based on the comic book series of the same name, involving comic artist Fabiano Neves. With the game being based on a comic series, you might be thinking / hoping the board game will have solid art — and you would be correct! Each card in this game looks like a beautifully designed page from a comic book.

But the art alone is not what has me excited about this campaign. The gameplay itself looks outstanding. Let me go over some highlights:

Deck-building — now that may be a turn-off for some people, but I personally love deck-building games. In The Few and Cursed, you will not be spending currency to add to your deck, though. Instead, during what is called the Improvisation Phase, every round each player draws two cards and picks one to keep –> which immediately goes into your hand –> I love this! So, select not only for long-term value, but also for short-term needs of how the card can impact current tactics.

Now, there is still currency (which is actually water in this game) that gets spent on cards from a market/store. These items you will be purchasing, though, do not go into your deck — they become part of your character’s repertoire and will be items that you can use throughout the game (like a revolver, or boots, or a horse). That leads into another aspect of the game I like…

Role-Playing and Variable Player Powers — When you start the game, each participant picks a character. This character has its own unique powers and abilities — your starting deck is not just a standard set of cards, but it is specific to your character. You will also have three key stats (health, bullets, and cursed level). Bullets and Cursed level will also have max values. Where these start is unique for each character as well.

For example, if you are playing the Redhead, you will start with 4 Health, 2 Bullets (with a max of 4), and 0 on the cursed track (with a max of 4). Jebediah’s starting stats will be different, based on his character-style.

As you select additional cards for your deck, purchase items and gear, discover Artifacts…you will definitely get a role-playing vibe of upgrading your character. Furthermore, you can become Cursed at points during the game, which slightly alters the feel of your character in that state as well.

Sandbox — Now, I would not call The Few and Cursed a ‘Big” sandbox game, because there are definitely limits and restrictions on what all you can do on a turn, but there is still a sandbox environment. You get to decide whether to move out and head to a specific location — and which way you go. You can decide to take on local jobs, you could go hunting for artifacts, or you could search for Wanted evil bad guys to take down. Through all of this, the goal is to prove you are gritty. Grit in this game is your victory points. And you better get real gritty pretty fast, because there are some big, bad monsters (with miniatures!) that are going to try and cause havoc before you know it.


Tight decisions — I also appreciate that this is a competitive game. There are plenty of cooperative deck-building games or cooperative good vs. bad games, and personally…I don’t always like the tension that comes with that style of play. Overwhelming odds and a straight win or lose scenario for all players. Being a competitive game, I can focus on just trying to do the best I can with what I have available — and know that everyone else is dealing with similarly difficult constraints. Do I take on more jobs, do I travel to spend my damage and bullets on the Wanted, do I buy more gear or use my precious water to upgrade my stats? I love the decision-options and the story-telling that comes along with them.

The Few and Cursed looks like an absolute blast to play. I’m glad it it has funded at this point and will be watching closely to see if any more stretch goals can get achieved during these final days.

How about you? Will you be “pulling the trigger” on The Few and Cursed?

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