Top 10 Very Quick Games

This week I have been thinking about those busy times in life when it is hard to sit down and play a lot of board games, especially longer games. In those moments, it is such a joy to be able to find a quick game that is fun and helps quench one’s gaming thirst a bit. Thus, my top 10 for the week will be about Very Quick Games.

Now to define ‘very quick.’ In my books, a ‘quick’ game would be one that can be played in 30 minutes or less. As I’ve delved deeper into modern, hobby board gaming, I’m discovering that honestly a 45-60 minute game is on the ‘quicker’ side of things. But I will call 30 minutes –> quick.

Thus, ‘very quick’ is being used for games that hit the 15 minutes or less time window –> so in other words –> This is the Top 10 Games that Can Be Played in 15 Minutes or Less [obviously, that’s annoyingly wordy, thus my “Very Quick” terminology]

For future reference, ‘super quick’ is the phrase I would use for a game that takes 5-minutes or less (and no, that’s not you 5-Minute Dungeon / 5-Minute Marvel…you know you take 30+ minutes).

#10 – Dungeon Roll

As dungeon crawls go, this may be a very light game, but it is perfect for getting a dungeon-fix that is still fun and has good variable player powers depending on which character you choose.

#9 – Tenzi

Occasionally, I like playing a real-time dice-rolling game and Tenzi is one of my favorites. Each individual game only takes a minute or two, so it is easy to get in several plays in a 15-minute window. Hopefully you have the Tenzi card deck that gives you a variety of ways to play.


I recently discussed ICECOOL and love its easy setup and take-down leaving you the rest of your small window of time to have fun flicking penguins! This is basically playing with toys and you can possibly get a “win” out of it as well. 😉

#7 – Cube Quest

Speaking of flicking game pieces, I love me some Cube Quest — two teams line up across the valley, looking to take out the enemy’s king while defending their own. Setup warriors to attack, ogres to defend and start flicking. Quick gameplay and so much fun!

#6 – Tiny Park

Pentomino-laying games are becoming quite a big deal and while Tiny Park is a kid-friendly light-weight version — it is a very fun one! The game is quick and the push-your-luck dice rolling will you have both laughing and cringing.

#5 – FUSE

Along with a couple minutes of setup, FUSE is a 10-minute game exactly (unless you finish early) making it a perfect choice for this category. I was unimpressed after my first play, but I am growing to enjoy this title more and more with each play and FUSE as now become one of my top picks for solo play.

#4 – Connect Four

Of the old classics, Connect Four is my favorite (Sorry, Sorry!). It is abstract strategy at its simplest and finest, in my books. I love breaking this game out and challenging someone to just TRY and take me down. For some reason (maybe I’m too diabolical) I get a thrill out of that moment when you place the 4th checker in a row and your opponent doesn’t notice it right away — and then you get the double-take of disappointment. Yes!

#3 – One Night Ultimate Werewolf

A couple minutes to setup, 3-5 minutes to listen to & perform the app’s night steps, and then 5 minutes to verbally feel each other out in preparation of the all-important finger-pointing. I am not super into deduction games, but this one hits the notes just right and I have fun anytime we bust this game out.

#2 – Zombie Dice

No setup, just start grabbing dice, rolling, and pushing your luck. A perfect game to have nearby in case you want to squeeze in some play time in a short window.

#1 – Ticket to Ride: New York

I love Ticket to Ride and I am so impressed with the stream-lined version that was created for this New York version of the game. With 2 players, this plays right at 15 minutes and does a great job of giving you that “bigger game” experience in a ‘very quick’ package. Excellent!

You have 15 minutes for gaming, which title do you pull out?

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