Friday F.O.M.O. 7/26/19 – 18 Holes

Fore!!! Friday is here and some of you may not be at work — instead, maybe you have taken the day off to go gallivanting around the greens. It’s summertime here in the Northern Hemisphere and thus a wonderful time to be golfing instead of grinding at a gainful gig.

If you couldn’t guess, golf also happens to be the theme of my F.O.M.O. board game pick of the week. From the campaigns that will be ending in the next 7 days, the one that has caught my eye and interest is 18 Holes from Seabrook Studios.

“18 Holes is a strategy golfing board game where hitting off-course, on-purpose may be the fastest way to the green.”

Right off the bat, 18 Holes looks fun just when taking in the aesthetics of the modular game board. As you can see from the example above, with only 28 hex tiles, 18 holes have been created, with a wide variety in distance and shape for each hole.

I get the feeling that one of the most enjoyable aspects of this game will be before play even starts…with the set-up. Generally, set-up is an unfortunate requisite of board game play — and some of the best games, dismally, require the most set-up prep. With 18 Holes, the board creation could easily be one of the most fun parts of the game (I could see my son spending time after the game re-building new courses just for extended fun).

That said, for the gaming group that just wants to setup and get playing, there will be 20 quickplay course designs included in the box.

How does this game play? In summary, simple mechanisms that play out in silly, but fun golf shots as you will traverse ALL OVER the course in the hopes of reaching holes before your competitors. [The game includes normal game play — Match play, Stroke Play — but the true heart and fun looks to be in the Chaos rules]

To start, players will draft the five clubs to put in their bag. These will be the five clubs you will use throughout the round so make sure to fill up your bag wisely.

All clubs are made available as players will then take turns snake-drafting five each. Players will have to pay attention to the clubs’ distance potential plus attributes.

Then, players will take turns taking shots using their clubs. Once a club is used, it is flipped over and can’t be refreshed until all five clubs have been used (or the rules state otherwise). Players that can best navigate the course layout based on their five-club ‘machine’ will jump out to a strong lead.

From the above picture, you can see that an iron with a distance of “3” has been played. The club’s ability allowed for card draw. Based on the card chosen, the golfer will be able to hit his ball a distance of three in a straight hex direction, which will actually put him in the fairway OF ANOTHER HOLE! Staying on fairways is advantageous as it keeps your next shot from being reduced in distance. Of course, if you have a hybrid in your bag, you won’t be as fearful of that rascally rough.

From that point on, it’s a race. The first player to reach a green earns 5 points and the second player earns two points. In a 3 or 4 player game, coming in 3rd or 4th on a hole is worthless — find another hole to shoot at!

Once all 18 greens have been hit by at least one player, the game is over and points are added up.

Some final notes about 18 Holes and its Kickstarter campaign. As of this Friday morning, the campaign has a little over 30 hours left to go and is only at 30% funding. So…this will probably not fund. BUT, I would expect Seabrook Studios to regroup and come back later with an improved campaign. Either way, I say keep an eye on this game. It sure looks like there is a lot of potential with this title that is worth noting.

Any campaigns that have currently caught your eye? If not, what all have you been getting to the table?

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