Top 10 – Gen Con 2019 Pt. 3 – The Sequels

August 1, 2019 — Gen Con 2019 is here!! While you are perusing the show floor (if you are at the convention) or while you are refreshing your favorite social media feed to stay-in-the-loop on convention updates, videos, and pictures –> I will take this time to finish off my 3-part Top 10 series based on Gen Con 2019.

These lists are based on the BoardGameGeek Gen Con 2019 Preview page. Two weeks ago, I provided my Top 10 anticipated games and then last week went over my Top 10 unexplored games — games that sound fun and I’d love to know more about. Today, my focus is on games that I’m titling as sequels. In some cases, these are expansions, but in a few scenarios these are standalone titles that continue a current ‘franchise.’

So, if you are like me and love to see more of the ‘stuff’ you already enjoy, then let’s have fun looking at my Top 10 Sequels list for Gen Con 2019.

#10 – Clank! Expeditions: Temple of the Ape Lords, Renegade Game Studios

Every time I play Clank! I have a great time and thus would expect this expansion to be higher on my list. The reason it lingers down in the 10 spot is simply because I have other Clank! expansions that I still need to play through and enjoy. So, I’m very excited that more content is being made available for Clank! and expect that at some point down the road, I will get to venture into the Temple of the Ape Lords.

#9 – Reavers of Midgard, Grey Fox Games

Confession — I have yet to play Champions of Midgard. It does look fun and I’m hoping the opportunity will present itself. That said, Reavers (part 2 of this Midgard series) looks even more appealing to me. First off, the board and components look outstanding. Furthermore, I think I like the greater euro-gameplay focus that Reavers of Midgard brings to the table.

#8 – Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North, Portal Games

I enjoy Imperial Settlers, but I do so less than the average player, based on the praise the franchise tends to get. With that said, Empires of the North brings enough changes to this franchise that definitely seem worth a try. When I play Imperial Settlers, I feel like I’m playing a solo game…with another person. My hope is that the communal gaming experience will be greater with Empires of the North. There’s a part of me that “wants” to love Imperial Settlers and maybe Empires will be the solution.

#7 – Munchkin: DuckTales, Steve Jackson Games

Several years ago, Munchkin would have been at the top of my list of favorite games. I have since played a couple hundred more titles and the Munchkin-style of play has dived lower on my interest scale. It is still fun to get out now and then and the DuckTales licensing has my son and I VERY interested in delving back into the Munchkin dungeon again. I can’t wait to see what characters and jokes are brought to life in this box. As long as they do a pretty good job, I know we will have a blast just simply getting to play a DuckTales game.

#6 – Sushi Roll, Gamewright

I enjoy Sushi Go! but since I first played it a couple years ago, I have discovered other card-drafting games that I prefer. What I have seen of Sushi Roll looks great, though, and I feel like the roll-and-write genre may be a perfect realm for these cute little sushi foods.

#5 – Vindication: Leaders & Alliances, Orange Nebula

If you refer to my Top 10 Anticipated Games list (link provided above), Vindication tops my list of games being featured at Gen Con 2019. So, why wouldn’t Leaders and Alliances be at the top of this list as well? In theory, it would, but to be fair…at this point I have so much gameplay with the base box that I don’t “need” Leaders & Alliances right now. That said, I’m glad it exists and can’t wait to give these new modules some play-throughs sooner than later.

#4 – Machi Koro Legacy, Pandasaurus Games

As I started to convert from being a video gamer to modern board gamer, Machi Koro was one of the first titles to really impress me. I loved the concept of potentially gaining money on anyone’s turn. Since then, I have picked up Space Base and it gets played way more often than my Machi Koro. With this new Legacy version of the game, though, I am very interested in what the Machi Koro experience will feel like. From what I have heard, each game within Legacy is on the quick side (30-60 minutes, maybe). One of my frustrations with Machi Koro was that it managed to “overstay it’s welcome.” I’m very hopeful to see this franchise get back to the table if I can get my hands on this Legacy expansion.

#3 – Downforce: Wild Ride, Restoration Games

Downforce is a family favorite game around my parts. For one thing, the car racing is just simply fun regardless of who wins or loses. I also love the strategy involved with how you bet in the auction phase, what cars you are willing to help out during the race, and then who to bet on to maximize your dollar winnings. This is one of those games that doesn’t need much changed outside of giving us more boards and cards. The first expansion did that and is a blast, so I am thrilled to know that another expansion is coming down the “track.”

#2 – Kingdomino Duel, Blue Orange Games

I bought Kingdomino for my 7-year old son’s birthday this year. He enjoys the game, but honestly us adults get more into it than the kids. From what I have seen of this new roll-and-write version of Kingdomino, I am impressed. The decision-making of how to turn the two dice into the best ’tile’ for placement looks great and I get the feeling this may be an upgrade in play to the original game.

#1 – Century: Golem Edition- Eastern Mountains, Plan B Games

There’s something about the strategic gameplay and ‘calculating’ of Century: Golem Edition that I have fallen in love with. Furthermore, I am super-pleased that I grabbed the beautiful Golem Edition over the original Spice Road version. I have heard good things about the first sequel that came out last year, Eastern Wonders, but my interest wasn’t piqued since it kept the ‘Spice’ theme. Knowing that the Golem version of this title is coming out has me jazzed — I am very interested in trying out some new mechanisms in the Century world, both as a standalone and in conjunction with the original game….and love that I can experience that within the Golem universe. This will be a for-sure add to my Christmas list (assuming I can hold off from buying it for myself before then) ::sheepish grin::

What Gen Con 2019 title itches that “give me more of what I love” spot for you? Any expansion that is a must-grab for you?

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One thought on “Top 10 – Gen Con 2019 Pt. 3 – The Sequels

  1. Being a huge DuckTales fan , with the amazing reboot helping out a lot, this woudl be truly amazing and something I should totally get!
    Some of the others on the list seem really fun as well but all I could think was OMG OMG OMG DUCKTALES MUNCHIN..SQUEEE!.. So yeah! You got me excited for something!

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