Friday F.O.M.O. 11/1/19 – Calico

So far in my life, I have only met one cat that I really liked. Otherwise, I can’t say that I’m a cat person (sorry!). That said, in watching out for current Kickstarter campaigns, I may have found my ONE cat game. For this week’s Friday F.O.M.O., I will be taking a look at Calico from Flatout Games.

Calico is a puzzly tile-laying game of quilts and cats! The game is for 1-4 players, features Beth Sobel art and its campaign ends on November 7th.

In Calico, your goal is to sew the coziest quilt. How do you know if yours is the coziest? Well, points…of course. While sewing your quilt, you will be trying to make it both aesthetically pleasing, but also a cat-magnet. For the sake of game play, I’m assuming it would be best to assume you are a cat-person and thus, when you are snuggling with your beautifully-crafted quilt, hoping that it will draw the attention of your cat companions…so that they will come and snuggle up with you as well. There we go — our motivation!

On each turn, you will be selecting a patch and sewing it onto your quilt. Easy-peasy! Do that 22 times and you will have a completed quilt. Yay!!

Looks beautiful, doesn’t it? Obviously, there’s more to it than just that. Because you need to prove you have the best quilt. So, what can you do to make your quilt “stand out” above the rest?

  • Buttons –> obviously, a quilt needs cute buttons. Create a connection of three or more patches of the same color and you get a button!
  • Attract a cat –> As we noted earlier, you are a cat-person…which means you have cats. Those cats are roaming around your house…making note of your progress… Why? So they can come jump on you at an inopportune time and mess up the whole process?!? Uh…no (calm down, John). They are watching because they are into quilts…quilts are cozy…cats are lazy…cats + quilts = lazy goodness. But cats are also picky, so your cats are waiting to see if you will create a quilt that is pleasing to their inner catness. Appease a cat’s preferences and that feline will come lay down on your quilt with you.
  • Design goals –> while you may want to make your cats happy, it is more important to make sure you design a quilt that makes you happy personally. You — cat-loving quilter — have three things you want out of your quilt (there are 24 design goals allowing for tons of variability). These design goals will be taking up three of your quilt’s patch spaces. Surround these goals with the appropriate patches…and your quilt-impress-o-meter will start to skyrocket!

In a nutshell, that’s the game. Easy to explain, easily performed, yet excellent decision-making opportunities. There are 108 tiles — six different colors, six different patterns, thus only three of each unique patch. With only 22 spaces to fill in, the battle to sew a quilt that meets your personal goals…is attractive to lots of cats…and gets covered with a bunch of unique buttons will be tough!

Calico looks like the purr-fect game to play with my family (yes…I went there…) and I’m excited to see what future games the CoLab of Flatout Games will create.

What about you? Does Calico look interesting? And what about your pet preferences….are you a cat person? dog person? stone-cold-no-pets-person?

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