Top 100 List (2020 edition) – Games 92 through 89

December 3rd. 202 years ago today, the state of Illinois became the 21st state. Does that have anything to do with today’s list? Well, a few towns united together to create a state and join the union…so maybe?

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#92 – Gizmos (CMON Limited, designed by Phil Walker-Harding) [#39 in 2019]

This may be an early disappointment to some, but his is my sole Phil Walker-Harding title on my top 100. He has some outstanding games, but I have enjoyed this one the most. While I wish Gizmos had a little more theme, the physical game play with marbles is neat + I really enjoy the engine-building. Some games use engine buildings as one of its mechanisms, but for Gizmos…that’s the focus and I appreciate that about its design.

#91 – Marvel United (CMON Limited and Sping Master Ltd., designed by Andrea Chiarvesio and Eric Lang) [new to the list]

As of 10/31/2020, I had managed to play 44 games that BGG deems as a 2020 title. Seven of those 44 have made a big enough impression to find their way onto my top 100. The first of those is Marvel United. Something that makes this CMON title interesting is its quick gameplay (20-35 minutes per game so far). This is a very simple game — you won’t have tons of icons to remember, there’s not multiple phases in a round to work through — just quick gameplay with easy actions. And yet, the Marvel theme shines through the abstract nature of the game and the need to make smart, tactical decisions is important.

I suspect that Marvel United will work its way higher up this list in 2021 when the full Kickstarter releases. Right now, there are only 3 villains to play against –> and the villains are where the variety and replayability shine the most –> so with over 20 more villains coming next year, the time spent in this world should skyrocket.

#90 – Tiny Towns (Alderac Entertainment Group, designed by Peter McPherson) [#75 in 2019]

Tiny Towns sticks around in the top 100 as a great, small abstract strategy game. I love the game-to-game challenge of puzzling together a strategy to make my unique monument and the market’s option of buildings gel towards a winning gameplan. If you are going to play this game, though, beware! There’s a surprising amount of player-interaction-frustration. Why does that Jerkosaurus to your right keep picking glass….enough with the Glass already!!!

#89 – The Few and Cursed (Rock Manor Games, designed by Mike Gnade) [new to the list]

Next up…at #89, is the 2nd game from 2020 on this list — The Few and Cursed. If you like the gameplay of Clank!, but would like better art, more meaningful battles, lots of bullets, and a new twist on how you build your deck…then The Few and Cursed may be where you need to head next. You can chase down artifacts to provide a big pop to your deck…or take a “personal quest” focus by taking on and fulfilling lots of jobs.

Plus, The Few and Cursed takes one of the elements I like most from Scythe (the multiple-decision quest cards) and introduces a similar feature through Encounters you will experience whenever you find yourself outside of the confines of town. There are lots of great deck-building-meets-something-else games showing up these downs and I believe The Few and Cursed is ready to take on the Showdown.

That’s numbers 92 through 89. Let me know what your thoughts and/or feedback are for these titles. Furthermore, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @boardgamecrock1 and Retweet the Top 100 posts to earn entries into the Fantastic Factories giveaway.

See you tomorrow for the next 4.

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