Top 100 List (2020 edition) – Games 76 through 73

December 7th. Today is the 79th anniversary of a major event in United States history –> Pearl Harbor. Another great day to remember (and be thankful) for the many individuals who have served to protect our country.

You could even argue there our some thematic ties in this group of games from the top 100. A Japanese theme, a game about world powers, and a modern theme about how connected our Earth has become since the last World War.

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#76 – Race for the Galaxy (Rio Grande Games, designed by Thomas Lehmann) [#19 in 2019]

I started playing Race for the Galaxy on BoardGameArena this year and discovered that I have a lot of improvement in my “game” that could be afforded. Nevertheless, I really enjoy the production engine that can be put together in this card game. Race is also one of the games that kickstarted my appreciation for multi-use cards.

I’ve yet to dive into any expansions for this game…I’m still just enjoying the base game as it comes.

#75 – Smartphone Inc. (Cosmodrome Games, designed by Ivan Lashin) [new to the list]

Smartphone Inc. arrived on my doorstep late June this year and I am a big fan –> I’ve got my eyes on you, Cosmodrome. The steps of the game are very simple. Plan at your actions for the round and then just perform those actions in a phase order.

That planning phase, though –> what a cool mind-burner. First off, the two pad system of overlaying the pads to determine your actions is new to my world and a great puzzle. And depending on your strategy, there are options to upgrade/personalize your pads as the game progresses. The other side of that planning phase is putting on your “CEO hat” and getting in the heads of your corporate rivals. Get to geographic regions or technology before them and you’ve got a winning strategy….or maybe you will just be a Cost Leadership winner by under-cutting the opponents and starving them for buyers. Excellent!

#74 – Takenoko (Asmodee, designed by Antoine Bauza) [#50 in 2019]

When my son and I were starting to get into the hobby, Takenoko was one of the initial games we came across and it was positive example of how a unique theme and fun mechanisms can come together for a memorable experience. This game is so much fun, has a nice play time, and I can’t help but want to move that panda around and put colorful bamboo in his belly.

#73 – Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn (Fantasy Flight Games, designed by James Kniffen) [new to the list]

I went into playing this game with mixed expectations. I am still a bit of a newb in the world of civilization board games, so I had anticipatory excitement about giving this game a try. Offsetting that, my brother-in-law had warned me about the rulebook and his mood towards the game tempered me to some degree. We finally got it to the table together, though, and I had a blast. I like tech trees, I enjoy the cost/benefit decision behind when to take certain actions…and the game has player interaction/battles, but they feel like a natural part of the game and not like “mean-take-that-edness”

So, at this point, I am very positive on A New Dawn and I look forward to more opportunities to explore this game.

That’s numbers 76 through 73. Let me know what your thoughts and/or feedback are for these titles. Furthermore, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @boardgamecrock1 and Retweet the Top 100 posts to earn entries into the Fantastic Factories giveaway.

See you tomorrow for the next 4.

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