Top 100 List (2020 edition) – Games 56 through 53

December 12th. 12/12/2020. A fun date –> and hey, it’s a Saturday…so even better! In fact, it’s even fun if you spell it all out: Twelve, Twelve, Twenty-Twenty. Twemendous!

Anyway…this is still a board game blog. And we are still talking about my 3rd annual Top 100 list. Today’s group of 4 is the oldest group presented yet, as none of these games is from the past 3 years. So, let’s talk about some classics…

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#56 – Ticket to Ride (Days of Wonder, designed by Alan R. Moon) [#30 in 2019; #17 in 2018]

While Ticket to Ride has slipped down the list from 17 to 30 and now to 56 –> it is still a solid top 100 game for me. Ticket to Ride is a great example of quick play, easy actions…that mix with passive player interaction. Any time this game starts to slip in my mental rankings, a play of it brings it back up because I always find it a joy to play.

#55 – Clans of Caledonia (Karma Games, designed by Juma Al-JouJou) [new to the list]

I’ve only had the chance to play Clans on Tabletopia (both in solo and competitive formats) and yet it still stands out as a top-notch game. Clans of Caledonia is another game with an aspect of stock market involved that fits in nicely with the whole. I also love the map-play, figuring out how to get your pieces on the board to maximize control and point-scoring.

And while the theme is a little on the bland side, I think I’m seeing why these “euro” games utilize these agrarian themes so often — they really are comforting.

I’m not sure when, maybe in 2021, I’d like to get a chance to play this game in physical form.

#54 – Amerigo (Queen Games, designed by Stefan Feld) [new to the list]

I played my first two cube-tower-games in 2020 and both have landed in the middle of my top 100 list (the other is coming later at #48). Beyond the cube tower, though, the color selection as the round’s action is a cool mechanism. Add to that, pentomino-building on randomized islands and you have a Stefan Feld-winner!

The individual pieces of Amerigo are fun on their own, but they are brought together in a really nice package. Even if the artwork is…eh.

#53 – Champions of Midgard (Grey Fox Games, designed by Ole Steiness) [new to the list]

I’ll go ahead and spoil a surprise –> Champions is not the only Midgard game on my list (and no…we haven’t seen the other one yet). Even though Champions of Midgard ranks 2nd of the two Midgard titles, it is still a blast to play. It has worker placement…and even at 2-players, it feels like you have to rush to get what you want. It has set collection that combines well with secret goals. And of course –> dice-chucking-monster-fighting-goodness!

And I agree with most fans, the expansions are definite add-ins if you have them. The utilization of slain warriors is a wonderful addition to the game.

That’s numbers 56 through 53. Let me know what your thoughts and/or feedback are for these titles. Furthermore, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @boardgamecrock1 and Retweet the Top 100 posts to earn entries into the Fantastic Factories giveaway.

See you tomorrow for the next 4.

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